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Parents often complain that they’re not aware of the homework that their children have been assigned in school. They want to help them, but they don’t know how.

Schoolbag ensures that every night, parents know what homework has been assigned during each class period. As a result it significantly increases parental engagement with homework and allows them to support their children on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, it cuts down the workload of teachers and reduces photocopying costs in schools by allowing all teachers to share their learning resources electronically.

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Parent-Teacher communication

Schoolbag creates a daily link between school and the parent/guardian, thus ensuring that parents know where to support their children on a nightly basis.

Student organisation

Students are kept up to date on their homework requirements even if they are absent from class and can access all of their class notes and worksheets anywhere, anytime.

Homework completion overview

Any teacher can view some basic overarching homework completion statistics for any student in their class, giving teachers a ‘bigger picture’ of homework completion.

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Visit Schoolbag Support to learn how to set up a Schoolbag account and view helpful tips and tutorials for using Schoolbag as a teacher, student or parent.


Learning Data is a subsidiary of The Examcraft Group and has been providing products which support student learning to Irish schools for over 25 years.

Learning Data is a company run by teachers for teachers, in fact 50% of our workforce are qualified and experienced teachers. So we are first and foremost and education company working to provide solutions which will enhance the learning outcomes of young people and make the life of the teacher easier and more professionally rewarding. Our vision is to develop technology tools which will help students with self-management in a more personalised learning environment.

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What our schools have to say

It helps me be organised for my homework and keeps me on track. I use it every night to know what I have for homework

– Student

Schoolbag really helped to keep me organised… it makes homework and assignments much easier to keep track of.

– Student

Schoolbag allows me to receive my homework if I don’t get it in school

– Student

Schoolbag gives me the ability to include resources and to be very specific with the homework I require… Students like the diary type layout of Schoolbag.

– Teacher, Elphin Community College

I find Schoolbag an invaluable tool. It enables me to share homework and revision resources with my students and exam class now have access to extra questions that they can practice in their own time.

– Teacher, Coláiste Mhuire, Mullingar

Schoolbag really helped to keep me organised… it makes homework and assignments much easier to keep track of.

– Student

Many students have commented that this has helped to focus their revision and they like having the material available online instead of sheets of paper which they frequently misplace.

– Teacher, Coláiste Mhuire, Mullingar

It’s very useful, I can put resources that students can access at home and I put on the homework too.

– Teacher, St Mary’s Macroom

Parents know homework students get. Students know homework given if they are out sick or on extracurricular activities

– Teacher, Coláiste Phádraig CBS Lucan

Enhances the way homework is distributed to students and builds a picture of how homework is being given and received

– Teacher, Elphin Community College

Parents have direct access to their child’s homework. This gives parents a real idea of how well their child is participating in the homework process.

– Deputy Principal, Corran College


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