Schoolbag acts as an online student journal

Students each have their own personalised timetable in Schoolbag and have access to homework, class resources, school policies and school notices, along with their own personal calendar.

Sharing and managing homework

Teachers, students and parents can all see the homework that is relevant to them through Schoolbag. When a teacher creates a homework assignment for their class, or a small group in their class the homework is automatically sent to the students’ accounts and the accounts of their parents’. Teachers can mark homework in Schoolbag and provide feedback and comments for the student.

There is piles of research out there about homework and how effective homework is in relation to student achievement. Here are six key takeaways from the research out there that all head teachers should know about homework and it’s effectiveness in a Secondary School setting and how homework helps raise students’ attainment.

What every teacher should know about homework

Homework statistics

Each student has a profile containing their homework completion statistics overall and for each subject. This profile shows how much homework is being set for the students and compares this with the amount recommended by the school, it also shows how much homework is being handed in late, on time or not at all. any class teacher or SLT member can view this information to get a ‘big picture’ view of homework completion across all subjects and throughout the year.


MIS Synchronisation

For the best results we recommend setting up a Schoolbag account that is synchronised with the school’s MIS system; we will work with the school to set this up. The synchronisation means that all teacher, parent and student accounts for Schoolbag can be created immediately from the data in the school’s MIS and will automatically add to each student and teacher accounts their classes, and a personal timetable. What’s more, any changes made to classes or teacher, student, or parent information in the MIS will automatically be updated in Schoolbag within 24 hours.

Talk to us today about setting up a synchronised account.

Office 365 single sign-on

To help reduce the number of logins required of teachers and students throughout the day, we’ve introduced Office 365 single sign-in. Schools who currently use Office 365 for Education can choose to integrate Schoolbag with their school’s Office 365 account,* meaning that teachers and students only need one set of login details to login login to both Schoolbag and Office 365.

Don’t have Office 365 for Education in your school yet? Talk to us today!

*NB: The school must have ownership of their Office 365 tenant to integrate Schoolbag with their Office 365 account. In some schools this may require the permission of the ETB or other managing body.